Kkika Tube Amplifier,Power Amplifier Excellent Sound AQ for HIFI Amplifier

1. 4Ω output power:15W*2 2. Input power: 100W 3. Input impedance: 47k ohm 4. Input sensitivity: 300mV 5. Output impedance: 4 ~ 16 ohm 6. CD/DVD 2 ways signal input selecting 7. TREBLE/BASS/MASTER VOLUME independent control 8. S/N≥80DB 9. THD≤0.5% 10. Frequency response:20HZ~20KHZ ±2db 11. Outer packing size:355x315x180mm 12. G.W.:5Kg 13. Vacuum tube: 6N2*2 + 6P15*2 or 6N1*2 + 6P15*2 14.Power Supply: 220V 50Hz (Each machine has one free transformer in the package for 110V using) Note: Tight installation may cause grinding volume knob problems.Try to pull out the plastic knob from the potentiometer and re-sit. 99% grinding problems can be fiexed by this way. If there is any other problems,please feel free to contact with us,we

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