Kinivo LS210 Portable Laptop Speaker – Compatible With Windows 7, Vista and Mac (USB)

The Kinivo LS210 notebook soundbar clips on to any laptop or netbook to deliver enhance sound system. Guaranteed to take your music experience to the next level, the LS210 delivers a crystal clear full-bodied, 360-degree digital stereo sound.
Key Features
– Clip-on design: LS210 Soundbar is lightweight and compact and clips on securely to any laptop thus saving space.
– Convenient cable management: Wind the USB cable when the speaker is not in use at the back of the speaker for a neat look.
– Ease of use: Simply open and release the clips at the back of the speaker to securely clip on the speaker on top of the laptop. Compact design provides maximum portability & allows for convenient storage.
Operating Instructions
Plug and Play :

Sale Price:$21.99

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