KEF REFERENCE 3 Floorstanding Loudspeaker – High Gloss Piano Black (Pair)

There’s a reason our REFERENCE series has the tagline “The standard by which others are judged, and to which they aspire.” Just plug in the REFERENCE 3 and listen. With the same DNA as the REFERENCE 1 and more modest dimensions, the REFERENCE 3 floorstanding speaker has the same uncanny ability to produce an intricate, totally natural-sounding 3D soundstage that’ll put you right in the middle of your favorite music or movies. The REFERENCE 3’s 6.5 inch bass drivers are positioned perfectly above and below our groundbreaking, 5 inch MF/HF Uni-Q driver array, which delivers astoundingly accurate midrange and treble with imperceptible transitions. With Uni-Q’s broad inclusive dispersion, everyone in the room can enjoy the same rich,

Sale Price:$13,999.99

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