KEF REFERENCE 2c Center Channel Loudspeaker – High Gloss Piano Black (Single)

For clarity, detail, and emotional depth in your home theater system, the REFERENCE 2c center channel speaker is a revelation. The REFERENCE 2c uses the same 5 inch Uni-Q point source driver array as its larger counterpart, the REFERENCE 4c, and is flanked by two powerful 6.5 inch bass drivers. These divers are housed in a closed box design, meaning you’ll have the versatility to have the REFERENCE 2c wherever it works for you. Even in smaller environments, the REFERENCE 2c has the power to immerse you in your music or the action on screen.The cabinet of the REFERENCE 2c, built specifically for you by our engineers in the UK, is designed to eliminate response anomalies caused by diffraction by our engineers in the UK. The shape and

Sale Price:$4,999.99

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