KEF LS50 Wireless Speaker – Titanium Gray/Red (Pair)

The LS50 wireless is a complete, fully active speaker system. Sharing the same winning acoustic features of our LS50, the LS50 wireless enables music lovers to enjoy pristine sound normally associated with elaborate, high-end sound systems. The LS50 wireless uses the KEF signature Uni-Q driver array to produce sound, cleanly reaching down to 40Hz. The cabinet’s constrained layer damping bracing, precision-made curved baffle, and elliptical flexible sound port are all retained from the original LS50 design. These features prevent cabinet vibrations and reduce any external audio coloration. Combined with a time-correcting DSP crossover, the incredible award-winning sound of Uni-Q is taken to the next level. The LS50 wireless allows users to

Sale Price:$2,199.99

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