KEF KHT2005.3 5.1 Subwoofer/Satellite System with KUBE-2 (Gloss Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The KHT2005.3 series utilizes KEF’s 4-inch Uni-Q drivers with advanced aerospace materials. KEF’s patented Uni-Q driver achieves what audio engineers have sought for decades: to project an exceptionally broad frequency range from a single point. Uni-Q technology disperses sound uniformly over a wide area allowing listeners to enjoy KEF’s fantastic reproduction from anywhere in a room. KEF places its tweeter in the acoustic and mechanical center of the mid-range cone, resulting in a near-perfect, single-point-source driver. This configuration ensures that both drivers are in precise focus, providing the widest achievable dispersion over the entire frequency spectrum without the lobing effect inherent in conventional multi-driver

Sale Price:$599.00

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