KEF CI9000 Rectangle In-Wall Architectural Loudspeaker (Single)

The in-wall CI9000 Reference 4 driver three-way 6.5-inch Uni-Q with ACE speaker system is an innovative new advance into custom installed loudspeakers. The 165-millimeter (6.5-inch) Uni-Q driver array brings out the full emotional depth and texture of vocals, whether sung, shouted, spoken or whispered – hardly surprising, since it’s exactly the same unit as you’ll find on KEF’s XQ series. On either side, a matching pair of long throw bass drivers with ultra-low distortion motors for low frequency response that’s as lucid as it is gutsy – and thanks to KEF’s acoustic compliance enhancement (ACE) technology, what you actually hear is a level of bass extension that’s normally only obtainable with much larger speakers. The CI9000 comes with

Sale Price:$775.77

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