Jensen JTA-230G 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Stereo Speaker System Supports Vinyl to MP3 Recording, USB MP3 Playback, and RCA Output, Speed Adjustment (Limited Edition Gold)

3-speed stereo turntable with built-in speakers and speed adjustment. The JENSEN JTA-230 includes two built-in stereo speakers and an auxiliary input jack so you can play music from other devices like your tablet, MP3 player or other digital audio player’s right through the speakers. Also featured is direct MP3 encoding from the turntable or the auxiliary input jack right to your computer using the included USB cord and conversion software. The turntable speed can be fine-tuned with the pitch control and you can even attach this unit to your home music system using the RCA line-out jacks. Also included is a dust cover, tone control, stereo headphone jack and auto stop switch. The unit operates on 120v AC




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