ISOfoam Soundproof Subwoofer Foam Platform Stand Riser with High Density Foam and Dual Mounting Options – Works With Klipsch 300W Powered Subwoofer Model R-10SW **Includes Cleaning Air Brush**

ISOfoam Soundproof Subwoofer Foam Platform Stand Riser. Sound Isolation Pad – The ISOfoam acoustic subwoofer isolation platform offers significantly improved sounds no matter the environment. When you place your subwoofers on a desk or the ground , the sound vibrations and recoiling bass will put out unwanted audio resonance. This platform stabilizes and isolates your subwoofer so you hear your recordings and music the way they are meant to be heard. Noise Reduction – The ISOfoam pad is built with high density acoustic foam that transfers vibrations and allows audio frequencies to flow freely. The foam prevents sound reverberations from passing through your desk , floors and walls , keeping yourself and your neighbors happy. This platform

Sale Price:$50.99

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