Icoox 2016 Mini Sound Bar – Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker , Sound System for Smartphone, Computer (Black)

Sound track :2 Output Power:2*6w Signal noise ratio≥70dB Frequency :60HZ-20KHZ Sound Effect: with EQ Case Material:ABS Input:12v DC Paring instructions I. Bluetooth way: If the paring device has Bluetooth function, please follow up the steps below and it will be paired with sound bar automatically. 1) Power on sound bar(can see “BT” indicator light is flashing with Blue and Red); 2) unlock Bluetooth function of the devices; 3) It is paired successfully when the “BT” indicator light becomes stable blue and no flashing ; II. 3.5mm line in way: If the pairing device has no Bluetooth function but has 3.5mm line in jack , please use the 3.5mm line in cable attached in our package box and follow as below:- 1) One end of 3.5mm line in

Sale Price:$49.99

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