HARTUNG – OTL Tube amplifier

Real audio pleasure. Made in Germany.

Hartung – 50 Watt OTL MONO-BLOCK amplifiers.

Item ships from
Hartung Labs-Leipzig,
Saxony, Germany.

Engineered to perfection this amplifier might change your audio perceptions.
Hartung – 50 Watt OTL MONO amplifiers.


Gold plated XLR
Gold plated RCA
Gold plated speaker binders

Hand produced/manufactured/tested in Germany.

Innovative and Engineered to perfection this amplifier might change your audio perception.
Transparent and clean, as it gets, this amps are the newest concept of Hartung amplification.
This is a completely new line of Hartung – Amplification designed for the powerful and clearer sound money can buy.
Hartung’s new concept is a OTL

Sale Price:$9,270.00

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