Generic Unviersal Replacement Remote Control Fit for Onkyo Rc-668m Rc-681m Ht-cp807 Av Receiver Home Theater System

Works for and will replace ALL of the following ONKYO Remote Models: RC682M, RC681M, RC606S, RC646S, RC607M, RC608M, RC651M, RC649M, RC650M, RC605S, RC647M, 24140682, 24140681, 24140606, 24140646, 24140607, 24140608, 24140651, 24140649, 24140650A, 24140605, 24140647, RC-647M RC-605S RC-650M TXSR805E RC-607M RC-681M RC-606S RC-646S RC-608M RC-651M RC-649M RC-650M RC-605S RC-647M RC607M RC681M RC606S RC646S RC608M RC651M RC649M RC650M RC605S RC647M, RC607M RC651M RC681M RC682M TX-NR708 and many more! This remote will work for all the following A/V Receiver Models: HTR330, HTR340, HTR340S, HTR530, HTR540, HTR550, HTR550S, HTR557, HTR940, HTS3100, HTS3100S, HTS530, HTS590, HTS590S, HTS680, HTS780, HTS787C, HTS790, HTS790S, HTS907, HTS990THX,

Sale Price:$10.98

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