GemTune X-1 Class-A Tube Amplifier with 5Z4P*1, 6N9P*1, EL34-B*2

GemTune X-1 Amplifier is a good choice if you’re a tube amplifier fan. You can enjoy all kinds of music with the it, especially vocal music & chords. Please download the user manual from: Don’t suggest to connect regular headphone jack to amp. Recommend to use Lineout jack. Specifications: Input Voltage: 110V Tube: 5Z4P*1, 6N9P*1, EL34-B*2 Output Impedance: 0~4ohm~8ohm Input Impedance: 100Kohm Input Sensitivity: 500mv~2000mv Distortion: 1% (1KHz) Frequency Response: 20Hz~25KHz Signal/Noise Ratio: 88dB Output Power: 10W Packages: 1 * GemTune Audio X-1 Tube

Sale Price:$289.99

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