GemTune GS-02 KT88 vacummTube Amplifier with KT88*2, 6N8P*2, 5Z3P*1

GemTune GS-02 tube amp has a well balanced, colorful tone with strongly defined lows, mids and smooth highs, compatible and can work well with most speakers, specially perfect to play Vocals, symphony, and classical music, definitely a good choice for audiophiles. Please download the user manual from: Don’t suggest to connect regular headphone jack to amp. Recommend to use Lineout jack. Specification: Output Power: 13w*2 Frequency Response: 20Hz-25KHz Distortion: 1%(1kHz) Input Sensitivity: 500mV-2000mV Input impedance: 100Kohm Output impedance: 8ohm or 4ohm Signal/Noise Ratio: 90dB Dimension: 390mm*245mm*145mm Weight: 14KG Tubes: 5Z3P*1, KT88*2, 6N8P*2

Sale Price:$569.99

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