GemTune GP-01 Hi-end Vaccum Tube Amplifier with 300B*2+6N8P*2+5Z3P*1

If you love the pure, refine and warm sound of tube amplifiers, don’t miss this GemTune GP-1 Hi-fi Amplifier. The well balanced tone is perfect to play vocals, jazz, pipes and strings. It is not just an amplifier, it will let you know what real music is. Tube amp gear, take it home NOW! Please download the user manual from: Don’t suggest to connect regular headphone jack to amp. Recommend to use Lineout jack. Specification: Input Voltage: 110V Output Power: 8W*2 Frequency Response: 20Hz — 25kHz Signal/Noise Ratio: 88dB Output impedance: 8ohm or 4ohm Input impedance: 100Kohm

Sale Price:$849.99

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