Emotiva XPA-1 Monoblock Power Amplifier

It’s a whole new generation of Emotiva’s most popular mono block power amp. Now, you get the immense, relaxed power of the previous XPA-1, together with switchable 60W Class A mode for even more amazing musicality. And, if that wasn’t enough, we upped the power output to 600W into 8 ohms in Class AB mode. Oh wait, you want it all? Class A sweetness and Class AB power? No problem! When you’re in Class A mode, the XPA-1 Gen 2 seamlessly transitions into Class AB mode when needs demand. This means you can find the sweet spot at practically every volume level-from the softest pianissimo to the full-throated roar of an orchestral crescendo. And the sound? Even better than the previous generation, thanks to small but significant refinements to

Sale Price:$1,199.00

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