Emotiva BasX TA-100 stereo preamp/DAC/tuner with integrated amplifier

The Emotiva BASX TA-100 combines the Features and capabilities of an audiophile quality stereo preamplifier, a high-performance FM tuner, and an audio power amplifier, in one convenient package. If you’re building a high-quality audio system on a budget, you need a New sound system that supports both analog and digital audio sources, or you’re looking to explore the world of vinyl, then the TA-100 is a great place to start. The preamp section includes line level inputs for analog sources, digital inputs for your CD player and your computer, a high-quality phono preamp that supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges for your vinyl, and an input for an optional Bluetooth receiver module. The tuner offers full digital control,

Sale Price:$399.00

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