Emotiva Audio Airmotiv ASM-3b Wireless Speakers

Fill an entire room with rich, full sound from speakers you can hold in the palm of your hand-the (No Suggestions) 3Bs! these tiny wonders connect instantly to your phone, tablet, or computer wirelessly, or you can plug in via a convenient line input. The (No Suggestions) 3Bs are an ideal upgrade for your computer sound, and you can use them on any desk, shelf, or Counter. Bluetooth is convenient, but we’ve gone the extra Mile to make sure the sound quality rivals the (No Suggestions) 3b’s ease of use. With Bluetooth 2.0 and aptx, you’ll get cd-quality sound and solid reception. Combined with a stereo 60 Watt class D amplifier, 32 bit digital signal processing, and an all-digital signal path, you’ll enjoy superior, dynamic sound, even at

Sale Price:$189.00

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