Denon AVR-1905 Home Theater AV Receiver with Dolby Digital EX DTS-ES ProLogic IIx

Denon AVR-1905 AV Receiver provides power and versatility for your home-theater system. For optimum Dolby Digital and DTS reproduction, the AVR-1905 features high quality, wideband audio amplification, which creates high quality sound. The output stages provide 80 watt power output for each of the seven main channels creating superb sound reproduction quality. Use the 7 Channel Stereo Mode to turn your two-channel sources, including tapes, stereo radio and stereo video into surround sound to enhance your listening experience. Adjustable Cross-over Switching gives you the ability to select the best cross-over frequency to match your subwoofer to your main speaker system On-screen display and multibrand remote with glow-in-the-dark keys

Sale Price:$129.00

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