Dared I30 Tube Integrated amplifier

New, from USA, 1yr warranty!!!!! You may just like some audiophiles or music lovers prefer the sound produced with tube amplifiers on the grounds that it is more natural and satisfying than the sound from typical transistor amplifiers. Class AB push-pull topology has been nearly universally used in tube amps for long time, among which the 6L6G and EL34 power tubes used as power output stage are the most popular. The 6L6G and EL34 sounds commonly very warm but also clean and detailed. Most importantly, the 6L6G tubes are very harmonically rich, so almost every audiophile and music lover loves those tube PP tube amp! If one never listened to an 6L6G or EL34 tube amp before, he did not hear what music shall be reproduced at all. This amp can

Sale Price:$1,799.99

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