Dared I30 HIFI Audiophiles Professional Class A Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier USB-DAC/LINE input and Headphone Output,30W*2,with 6L6G(5881),12AX7(ECC83),12AU7(ECC82) Tube

Dared I-30 also called I-30HD,it is well-known world-amp, all tube integrated amp output 2x30watts,We are DARED brand authorized seller! World first and only valve (tube) amp with DAC and headphone output. Speaking for class-AB tube amplifiers, there are only three kings of power tubes: EL34, 6L6G and KT88. Of course, if you are audiophile or tubephile or music lover, you probably know the best are the EL34 and 6L6G. It uses simple open class-A circuit with two dual-triode tubes for two stages of Triode-Single-end (SET) for preamp amp and drive stage with little feedback. Dared engineers this new I30 integrated amp use 6L6G(5881),12AX7(ECC83),12AU7(ECC82) TUBE. Japan NICHICON/ELAN Capacitance, ALPS potentiometer. Gold tube sockets, pure

Sale Price:$1,499.99

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