Comply Premium Replacement Foam Earphone Earbud Tips – Isolation Plus Tx-200 (Black, 3 Pairs, S/M/L)

WEAKNESSES OF MOST EAR TIPS Uncomfortable earphones Poor sound quality from earbuds In ear headphones fall out or do not stay in place Increase volume in order to hear music BENEFITS OF COMPLY PREMIUM FOAM TIPS Inventors of the original foam earphone tip and pioneers of memory foam tip technology Made in the USA 100% better grip than silicone tips = stays in ear during workouts 30x softer than silicone material = Extremely comfortable and no ear pain 2x external dB reduction = enhanced sound at lower volumes Safer listening Body-heat activated foam conforms to shape of ear canal for a secure fit Creates a perfect seal for enhanced sound quality Recommended by audiophiles COMPATIBILITY 4 models to fit all




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