TEDx Portland 2017: Let there be light

The radiance orb is programmed with different colors to get the crowd ... The full day event consists of 14 speakers and five performances. There is tech and science in the morning, humanities after lunch and call-to-action type talks at the end. ( read original story ...)

Marantz NR1607 streaming sound quality

I finally took the plunge last week and got my first "proper" setup. I bought the Marantz NR1607 (I looked for a slim AV receiver due to space issues in my cabinet but as it ended up on top no longer sure it was a good decision...) and as a starter set it ... ( read ...

The Social Media Bullying of JBL

JBL may be three of the most hated initials among social media’s pro wrestling genre. The WWE announcer is currently under major heat with many demanding his firing for rumored bullying of fellow WWE announcer Mauro Ranallo. The witch hunt for John ... ( read original story ...)

Denon AH-C821 review

Denon's C821s both look and sound great. With their decent design and impressive driver technology they are full of premium promise at a price that’s just about affordable. With so much onus on over-the-ear headphones these days, thanks to Beats and ... ( read original story ...)