The Best Soundbar Under $250

Soundbars offer an affordable, better-sounding alternative to the built-in speakers on today’s ultra-thin TVs. The tiny speaker arrays in flat-panel displays simply aren’t capable of moving enough air to reliably deliver clear dialog, swelling music ... ( read original story ...)

$3,500 Porsche Design 911 Soundbar Sounds Ridiculous

If one of your DIY car enthusiast friends built a home or office audio system from the muffler and exhaust pipes of their favorite car as both an acoustic and visual part, you’d probably think it was a clever idea — something like using an engine ... ( read original story ...)

Harman Kardon launches affordable SB20 soundbar

Harman Kardon has added a new, more affordable SB20 soundbar to its line-up. It is a compact soundbar with a wireless subwoofer and a special feature to normalize TV sound. The company is currently selling the SB35 and SB26 soundbar models and has now ... ( read original story ...)

LG SH7 soundbar REVIEW

The SH7’s soundbar and sub are each relatively compact — the soundbar 106cm wide but just 53 x 85mm in cross section, the dinky subwoofer (171mm x 320mm x 252mm). Both come in the silver grille finish that has become common to many LG products and its ... ( read original story ...)