Denon and Marantz bought by US private equity firm

While Marantz is a more specialist brand, most popular in territories such as the UK and Japan, Denon, with its headphone and wireless speaker ranges, as well as hi-fi and home cinema products, arguably has wider appeal. ( read original story ...)

Bose QC35: Wireless, noise-canceling, and near-perfect

If you fly a lot — or maybe even just a little — you need a good pair of noice-canceling headphones. My new go-to cans absolutely are the Bose QC35. First Serenity Caldwell, then MrMobile, and now Modern Dad. At this point I think it's safe to say the ... ( read original story ...)

AudioThing updates The Orb formant filter to v1.0.1

AudioThing has released version 1.0.1 of The Orb, a formant filter effect plugin which simulates the characteristics of the human voice. Featuring a set of three band pass filters, The Orb can transform any sound into a vowel-like formant-filtered sound. ( read original story ...)

Marantz NA8005 DAC

Available is a good condition Marantz NA8005 Streaming Audio DAC. It has some exterior scratches on the top. Functions perfectly. Marantz NA8005 Network Audio Player With the Marantz NA8005 network audio player, you can connect to a world of music ... ( read original story ...)

411’s Legends with JBL: Jimmy Hart Report

-The time has come to close things on Legends with JBL. The fact they don’t even promote these on RAW should have been a tip off and that goes back to the Madusa one being shunted on Wednesday with no mention. -For the last time JBL gives his guest the ... ( read original story ...

JBL asks Jimmy Hart if Hulk Hogan is a racist

There’s a new episode of “Legends with JBL” up in the on-demand section of the WWE Network. The recent episode features an interview with WWE Hall Of Famer and manager of champions “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart. The interview covered most ... ( read original story ...)