The Five Support Heroes of Overwatch, Ranked

His orb-based abilities often require a line of sight being kept ... and this translates into gameplay with buff abilities accompanied by audio cues. He can increase the movement speeds or heal allies with sustained auras which he can temporarily boost ... ( read original story ...)

Paranormal Picture Show

As audio and visual equipment became more sophisticated ... Dead relatives photobomb family portraits, old soldiers line up in formation for new deployment, and orbs block engravings on tombstones. In 2016, CCTV cameras caught a transparent figure browsing ... ( read original story ...)

Marantz AV-7701 7.2 channel preamp/processor

Selling my Marantz 7.2 channel pre/pro, as I am downsizing to a 2.1 channel system, and will also have less space for the equipment. Works perfectly, and kept in excellent condition. Only visible sign of wear is a small scratch on the front faceplate (see ... ( read original story ...)