Tales of Berseria Demo Impressions

When the demo starts, players are given the option to listen to the original Japanese audio or English dub ... For example, players must collect floating orbs scattered around the maps before they can open chests. This forces players to explore maps ... ( read original story ...)

Ellipsis Review – Minimalism Fine Tuned For PC

The game also features new sounds. Now the audio production for this title is very well done. Moving to a new platform has improved the experience from a sound quality angle. The ambiance of space, the pings of the orbs, and the hum of enemies are much ... ( read original story ...)

Priyanka Bose's dream role in Lion

Priyanka Bose has been waiting for a project like 'Lion' for a long time. The actress - who plays Kamla Munshi, the biological mother to Dev Patel's Saroo in the hit movie - doesn't feel she has followed the "model turned wannabe actor" route into ... ( read original story ...)

Marantz NR1607 review – CNET

For eight years, Marantz's line of NR receivers has flown in the face of the understanding that a receiver has to be huge to be any good at all. The latest in the line, the NR1607, continues to disprove this assumption while also stuffing an impressive ... ( read original story ...)

Bose Ride Concept First Ride: The Future of Luxury Seating

Luxury automakers love to doll up the rear seat with big cushions, plenty of leg room, and lots of recline angle to mimic first class airline seats. Although they can make the seat itself comfortable, hide the outside world behind acoustic glass and active ... ( read original story ...)