LG SH7 soundbar REVIEW

The SH7’s soundbar and sub are each relatively compact — the soundbar 106cm wide but just 53 x 85mm in cross section, the dinky subwoofer (171mm x 320mm x 252mm). Both come in the silver grille finish that has become common to many LG products and its ... ( read original story ...)

Bose SoundTouch 300 Slim Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Want big, room-filling sound without having to sacrifice your valuable room space? The ultra-slim Bose SoundTouch 300 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar is the best choice. Every cubic inch of the speaker is packed with technologies that make everything you ... ( read original story ...)

Vizio's SmartCast Soundbar Makes Surround Sound Simple

Many soundbars try to imitate the immersion of true surround sound, but only the very expensive models come close. With its wireless subwoofer and small surround speakers, Vizio's 5.1 SmartCast system ($500 as reviewed) delivers true surround sound without ... ( read original story ...)

Best soundbar | Best soundbars 2016/2017 UK

Soundbars have been around for a while but are still a good option if you want to upgrade aspects of your home entertainment system. These long units are designed to sit below, in front or above your TV. They contain two or more speakers, and may operate ... ( read original story ...)

Omnos Affordable 7 Speaker 3D Soundbar (video)

Yinkman Labs has this month launched a new affordable 3D sound bar which has been specifically created for home theatre setups and comes in the form of a seven speaker unit which is equipped with “state-of-the-art audio technology” say it’s creators. ( read original story ...)