Marantz AV7702MKII

Marantz AV7702MKII Processor. I am the original owner in a smoke free home. Unit is in excellent condition and has not functional or cosmetic issues. AV7702mkII Multi-channel Network A/V Pre-amplifier - Main features ( read original story ...)

Marantz av8801 4K 11.2 Preprocessor (Mint, original boxes)

For sale is one Marantz 8801 Preamp Processor (Prepro). It's in mint condition. Has just about everything you would probably look for in a PrePro: has UHD (4k), 7HDMI ins, 3 HDMI outs, 11.2 audio outputs (balanced and unbalanced) including outputs for ... ( read original story ...)


k up the speed labeling. IT IS 45 RPM! At least I'm not alone; I know a friend who did the same thing; only he never tried it at the correct speed, enjoying the "originality" of his new found discovery, The Orb that is. At the correct speed, gone is the ... ( read original ...

Michael Corballis – The Truth About Language

In his new book, The Truth About Language: What is it and where it came from, author and psychologist Professor Michael Corballis explores the origin of human language and our unique ability to tell stories, offer explanations, baffle, laugh and lie ... ( read original story ...)

9 Things To Remind You Just How Much Science Rules

Pick it up here $19.99. Levitating Bluetooth Orb Speaker Praise be The Floating Musical Orb. Hail its power and revere its crisp audio and reverberating bass. We will follow you, oh great Orb, and we will charge our phones in the outlet at your base. ( read original story ...)

Sonos PlayBase TV Sound Stand Unboxing and Review

The PlayBase accepts digital audio from your TV using a TosLink optical cable ... Yes, I missed having a subwoofer while listening to The Orb’s classic “Perpetual Dawn” from Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld or “Dr. Nightmare’s Medication Time ... ( read original story ...)