Less than $100 AV Receivers Reviews

The three new S-Series receivers from Denon all pack built-in Bluetooth and HDMI 2.0, starting at a very competitive $250 entry-level price. Denon's AVR-E400 embodies some progress in simplifying the arduous AV receiver setup process, but it lacks ... ( read original story ...)

Marantz sr7011 and anthem mrx 1120 much diference in sound?

I've not heard the Marantz but I did have an Onkyo 3030 which is in the same price bracket. I can say confidently the Anthem I now own is miles better than the Onkyo and well worth the extra dosh. The sound is altogether better quality, more detailed and ... ( read original story ...)


This was the source/transport for a secondary system I maintained a few years back. It is functionally flawless. Cosmetically, the faceplate is perfect, but the top has several mars and scratches from components that were sitting on top of the unit. ( read original story ...)

Jazzfest review: Alex Goodman Group in Confederation Park

Joining Goodman on stage were the New York-based peers also featured on his new disc, Second Act, including Israeli pianist Eden Ladin, tenor saxophonist Matt Marantz, bassist and Montreal native Rick Rosato and drummer Jimmy Macbride. They meshed together ... ( read original story ...)