8 best Bluetooth portable speakers 2017

This little sonic orb is under 90 quid (OK, it's £89.99 RRP), comes in a ... It's waterproof, it's shockproof, it looks like a hand grenade, and it's the bomb. Bluetooth speakers can receive music from just about any phone, tablet or laptop in existence ... ( read original story ...)

The best wireless Wi-Fi speaker 2017

This appears to have arrived from the future. A future where speakers resemble pulsating, alien power orbs. And also a future where things are much more expensive: this was £2,189 last time we looked. In my opinion, if you have that money going spare ... ( read original story ...)

HTC U11 review: A fragile, squeezable flagship

Included in the box is a USB Type-C-to-3.5mm audio jack, so you can connect your wired headphones ... As you use the U11, the AI learns how you use your phone, and a small blue orb will float into the display when it has a suggestion for you. ( read original story ...)