Denon AH-7200 – Page 35

I had 30 minutes with the Denon AH-D7200 and got a chance to compare it with AudioQuest NightOwl, I was very impressed by the Denon, like the sound more than AudioQuest, which is more comfortable, but sounds too distant in comparison (best was to describe ... ( read original story ...)

411’s Legends with JBL: Stan Hansen, Report

-Welcome to the penultimate edition of Legends with JBL. The Network uploaded the final episode (with Jimmy Hart) yesterday so that will be coming in the next couple days as we close out this series. Before any of that though we get this episode as JBL ... ( read original story ...)

Stuck between a Denon AVRX3300W or Yamaha RXA660

Looking for some advice, as I had my mind set on the Denon AVRX3300W until I was told how good the Yamaha RXA6600 is and some of the really good things about that AVR, RS staff were telling me to go for the Yamaha over the Denon for it's sound quality and ... ( read ...

They Call It Acid WAV

Key-labeled throughout. – Synths > Retro rave synthetics that instantly transport you back to the Second Summer Of Love: think 808 State, The Orb, Altern8 and LFO. Old skool organs, digital pads, euphoric chords, classic piano and more. Also comes with a ... ( read original story ...)


my girlfriend clearly saw the street light and was exclaiming throughout the audio of the video that “it was just a street light.” i knew what i was viewing was not just a street light and i tried my best to keep the camera on the street light as a ... ( read original story ...

Sylvio Review – One Cool Mechanic in a Bad Game

Here the player is cast as Juliette Waters, an intrepid audio technician who specializes in using electronic ... Occasionally you’ll find yourself being menaced by a malevolent black orb. Touch the thing and you’re one dead paranormal investigator. ( read original story ...)