Cary Audio SLI-80 Integrated Tube Amplifer (Black)

For many years the SLI-80 integrated amplifier has represented Cary Audio’s least expensive entry into the magic of tube music systems. Thousands of satisfied music lovers have used the SLI-80 with all types of other equipment, and just continue to use it after the rest of their systems change. It features three pairs of RCA single-ended inputs, a pair of preamplifier outputs to use it for biamping or adding a powered subwoofer, a switchable headphone amplifier, and a remote control to adjust volume or mute the sound. The amplifier section of the SLI-80 has a feature allowing you to decide how to configure the tubes on the fly, depending on your musical tastes of the moment, your speakers, and how loudly you want to listen. A pair of

Sale Price:$4,495.00

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