Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 Integrated Amplifier

Less Than $350 Gets You an Audiophile-Quality Entry-Level Integrated to Suit All Practical Needs: Topaz AM10 Even Has Built-In Phonostage If you’re looking for an entry-level audiophile integrated amplifier that never gets ruffled, Cambridge Audio ‘s Topaz AM10 should end your search. It puts out an impressive 35 watts per channel and boasts a serious hi-fi pedigree that puts far pricier competitors to shame. “Both Topaz rookies are rock-solid units that provide a rewarding array of the musical thrills and finesse you’d expect when getting started in the high end. No little leaguers here.” – The Absolute Sound In addition to impressive power, Topaz AM10 displays impressive control and sonically minded design choices. Topaz AM10 even uses


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