Bose SoundLink III Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Cradle – Bundle

You get this great product…. Bose – SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III Portable Bluetooth Speaker Plus, you get: Bose – SoundLink III Charging Cradle Charging Base You’ve got your music, your friends and your style. Now there’s a Bluetooth® speaker that brings them all together. The Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III. It’s the best-performing mobile Bluetooth speaker from Bose, and it’s made to go wherever you do. It plays your music with the fullness, clarity and depth you might not expect from a mobile Bluetooth speaker this size. That’s because it uses technologies you can only get from Bose. The SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III is engineered for performance and designed for your mobile lifestyle. It connects easily to your

Sale Price:$333.00

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