BMR A2DP Bluetooth Music Receiver + Power Adapter for Bose SoundDock I, Portable & Wave

Tired of out of sync and need to re-sync if walking out of the bluetooth signal working range (~ 20 ft), This bluetooth music receiver is the solution. This new model enhances the wireless working distance (up to 60 ft) with a bigger antenna. This working distance, up to 60 ft, is twice of most similar devices sold on the market at ~18-22 ft. (For some cell phone with weaker signal to save battery, wireless range is much improved with this new model. The wireless range of this model is ~ 1.5-2 times of most other models) Installation Guide: The package you have now should have two adapters: power adapter + Bluetooth (BT) adapter. 1.Turn on the speaker 2. Plug the power adapter (bigger one) on the 30 pin dock of the bose speaker. 3. Plug

Sale Price:$33.99

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