Blue Aura – V30 – Vacuum Tube Amplifier System

Blue Aura – V30 – Vacuum Tube Amplifier System The Hybrid Vacuum Tube AmplifierFor music lovers who want to hear their compressed digital source devices in true analog form, the v30 will not fail to deliver, courtesy of the high quality in-built DAC and audio valves. The v30 has two 20W vacuum tube amplifiers, but it’s the striking beauty of the v30 itself that adds a designer touch to any room. Much of the body is covered in a glitzy chrome finish, nicely complemented by black side panels. The front features large chrome knobs, allowing user volume control and switching between sound sources. Surrounded by two-tiered rack with chrome handles on either side, the two glowing 6N1 audio processing valves and 6E2 meter tube peek up through

Sale Price:$549.00

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