beFree Sound 12″ Bluetooth Portable Speaker with USB and SD Inputs

Throw the wires out the window! Here comes this 12″ Bluetooth speaker. Use the built-in Bluetooth technology to connect your favorite audio devices – like your iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet, MP3 Player, PC, etc. Instantly connect and stream music. Turning up the volume will illuminate your beFree Sound Speaker with vivid continuously moving lights that will add a true spark to any event! Features: * 12 Inch Sub-woofer * Bluetooth Technology * USB, SD Compatible * Built-in Handle for Portability * Powerful Rechargeable 6600mAH- 12V Battery * 1 Mic Input * 1 Guitar Input * 5 band EQ * Sub-woofer Disco Lights (illuminates according to sound and volume * Remote Control and Microphone

Sale Price:$99.88

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