baoshu1889 Multifunction Headphone Tube Amplifier & PreAmp & tube AMPLIFIER 2x6E2+2x6N3+6N5P

Method of link:
1, computer = = > 3.5 turn RCA line the machine = = = = “” headphones
2, CD machine = = “RCA of RCA line the machine = = = =” “headphones
3, turn the = = > 3.5 RCA line the machine = = = = “” headphones
4, the computer USB (machine come with decoder) = = “RCA of RCA line the machine = = = =” “headphones
The main parameters:
The driver impedance: 18-600
Output power: 3.5 W (600 ohms)
The level of output: maximum 50 v RMS
The output frequency response: 20 hz to20kHz – 3 db
The output signal-to-noise: > 109 db “A” – WTD
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.008% 20 hz to 20 KHZ The USB input: CM108 support USB DAC: TDA1305T Line input: national standard double lotus RCA head analog input Line output: national standard double

Sale Price:$259.99

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