The Architecture of Sound: Constellation Leo Audio System

Imagine superimposing the contemporary architectural angularity of a Daniel Libeskind structure to the form factor of an audiophile-rated speaker and what you might get is something like the Constellation Audio Leo, a high-end three-way stereo speaker ... ( read original story ...)

LG SK10Y Dolby Atmos Soundbar (review)

LG has refreshed its soundbar series for 2018 with five new models. The three lower models offer 2.1 channels. That is, the bar is stereo and there’s a separate subwoofer. But the LG SK10Y is the top of the line model. It has 5.1.2 channels. And they ... ( read original story ...)

Deadbeat Interview: Living Rhythms

Ask Audio: Your music has always had a strong dub influence ... tastes at the time gravitated toward the ragga jungle mixes along with ambient sets from the Orb, Mix Master Morris, etc. On a surface level these seem like almost polar opposite realms ... ( read original story ...)