Audio-Technica AT-HA22TUBE Japan Import

The Audio Technica AT-HA22TUBE Headphone Tube Amplifier has a vacum tube preamplifier that provides a unique rich sound that can be achieved only with tube amplifiers. Independent Left and Right vacuum tube circuit creates hi-resolution sound. Features Design employs a hybrid system using both the vacum tubes and semiconductor technology. Die-cast aluminum case suppresses unnecessary vibration and distortion. With a convenient line-through output function you may use an AV system or other AV devices. The front panels dual outputs allow the use of dual headphones at the same time. Specifications Maximum output level: 500mW+500mW (16 Ω, T.H.D: 10%) 300mW+300mW (32 Ω, T.H.D: 10%) 150mW+150mW (64 Ω, T.H.D: 10%) 60mW+60mW (150 Ω,

Sale Price:$318.00

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