Arion Legacy Deep Sonar 550 Extreme Clarity Large Size 2.1 PC Speakers with Dual Subwoofers and Control Box Connects TV, Headphone, Microphone and Charges USB Devices

Experience high definition audio through a wide range of sounds present in nearly every type of music. The Deep Sonar 550 was designed with one simple idea – a speaker system that evokes your deepest emotions and elevates your state of being with extreme clarity and precision. A total of 8 acoustic drivers are carefully tuned and placed inside high density all wood cabinets to deliver rich, natural tones. Beefy amplifier box allow multiple inputs and outputs for all your devices, and even comes with USB charging port for tablet and smartphone. Please read the user manual carefully before using this product. Incorrectly wired system may cause damages to the speakers. For warranty services visit

Sale Price:$99.99

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