Arion Legacy AR506 AC Powered Speaker System with Dual Subwoofers & Desktop Controller for MP3, PC, Game Console & HDTV 100 Watts Piano Black Retail Pack

The AR506 creates a class of its own with not just powerful hardware, but also craftsmanship. Where others skimp on quality by going with boring square shaped plastic enclosures and low number of dedicated drivers, we focus on using only all wood cabinets to house each of the tweeter, woofer and subwoofer. A large number of acoustic drivers (8 in total) are tuned to reproduce accurate sound! The AR506 speakers deliver a complete audio experience, beat for beat. Designed for the gaming enthusiasts and the multimedia junkies, its dual subwoofer system delivers a bass that hits harder, deeper, and crispier than ever before taking your gaming and digital entertainment to the next level. The AR506 is the missing puzzle piece to your PC gaming

Sale Price:$59.99

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