ACOUSTIC SPECIALTIES Dolby Digital 5.1-Channel HOME-THEATER SYSTEM W/ 5 ultra slim wall mountable FLAT-PANEL SPEAKERS and powered subwoofer/amplifier. GREAT SYSTEM FOR LITTLE MONEY. 5.1MS

Acoustic Specialties, a new name in desktop and home-theater speaker systems, has unveiled its 5.1MS Multimedia Component Speaker System. Utilizing NXT flat-panel technology in combination with a compact and powerful active subwoofer/amplifier/electronics module with Dolby Digital, DTS 5.1-channel decoding and six channels of amplification, the 5.1MS provides a highperformance solution for use with ultra-compact surround home theater audio, PC sound cards with 5.1 capabilities, or the latest generation of surround sound videogame consoles.The 5.1MS system combines five flat-panel speakers, each no larger or thicker than a magazine, and a compact active subwoofer module. With both Dolby Digital and DTS digital multichannel decoding systems

Sale Price:$59.99

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