The Napal DAL Sound and Lighting System

A minimalist halo LED light with its own integrated wireless audio system. Sharing a design evocative of one of cinema’s greatest scenes, the DAL’s four spoke, 15.7-inch wide ring proposes more earthl... ( read original story ...)

Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

With 160 Watts Peak power on tap, this 5.1 speaker system wraps your space in high-quality audio that sounds amazing. Enjoy true surround sound from any source—your TV, phone, computer, and games1. Th... ( read original story ...)

Why your audio system needs a subwoofer?

Creating the right sound atmosphere when you listening to music or watching a movie is impossible without a low-frequency component — bass. In the lower frequency, register plays many musical instrume... ( read original story ...)