Bose SoundSport headphones are on sale for less than $90

When you think of quality headphones, we know you're probably thinking of Bose. Treat yourself to a new pair of Bose SoundSport headphones on sale today for less than $90. Typically $99, Amazon is knocking $9 off these beloved earbud headphones. SEE ALSO ... ( read original story ...)

Cologne concert hall invests in Meyer Sound system

The Cologne Philharmonic Hall has installed a Meyer Sound reinforcement system, based on Leopard compact line array loudspeakers, to amplify a wide-ranging programme of work. First opened in 1986, Cologne Philharmonic Hall has become a focal point for the ... ( read original story ...)

Why Do We Love Tube Amps & How Does A Valve Amp Work?

Ever wondered to yourself “how does a valve amp work?”, well we offer up a quick explanation as to how a tube amp works and a little insight into why guitarists love the sound of a cranked tube amp more than anything! Picture this…Jimi Hendrix ... ( read original story ...)

Logitech G560 Gaming Speaker System: Let There Be Light

Logitech has been making award winning speakers longer than most of us have been PC gamers. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve used a pair yourself. Today, we’re investigating a “first” for the company with the Logitech G650 ... ( read original story ...)

Researchers create new Bose-Einstein condensate

The wavelength of emitted light grows, that is, the energy decreases, along the gold nanorod array. A Bose-Einstein condensate forms when an energy minimum of the lattice is reached. Credit: Aalto University / Tommi Hakala and Antti Paraoanu. Researchers ... ( read original story ...)

Southern States generate 50% of India’s renewable energy

Later, at a panel discussion, Orb Energy Pvt Limited Chief Executive Officer said ... cost of lithium batteries and saw potential in storage. Expressing optimism, speakers said that manufacturing in India is seeing an upward trend. With storage prices ... ( read original story ...)