Turn PC Into Music System With These Speakers

Computer is the single device that solves multiple purposes. We can store and watch movies on it we can play games it can be a great device to listen and to compose music. Speakers are the key peripherals for your computer and being a music lover, you ... ( read original story ...)

What you need to know about the new mandatory alert system

"It won't be just a sound, it will come with some information as well." New cellphone emergency alert system goes online Friday No opting out: Canadians soon to get emergency alerts on their phones The ominous alarm will go off during an emergency ... ( read original story ...)

Bringing Stereo Speakers to Life

We went straight to the source to get the story behind the supreme sound system. If you look at a smartphone, chances are it only has one speaker at the bottom. This means that sound waves can only travel in one direction, restricting the overall listening ... ( read original story ...)

Your Amazon Echo speakers can now work as an intercom

For Canadian and U.S. owners of Amazon Echo speakers, you can now turn your speakers into a one-way intercom system. The setup of Alexa Announcements isn’t complicated. All you need to do is talk to Alexa and say things like, “Alexa announce that ... ( read original story ...)