Integra and Onkyo FlareConnect into Multiroom audio

Both Integra and Onkyo have announced the release of a new wireless multiroom audio system called FlareConnect. This upgrades the companies’ home theatre receivers so that they will be able to send music to compatible equipment in different places ... ( read original story ...)

Old sound system – what to do

A few years ago a family friend bought us this Samsung sound system, made use of it through playing music off USB and watching some dvds back then. Now I have it in my lounge and the speaker wires are making it look really untidy, also have no use for it ... ( read original ...

Surround sound system

5 disc surround sound system with remote. one tower speaker missing the plug that goes into the back of system. shouldn’t be hard to buy. works perfect. great for the man cave. system is a sony brand. $50.00 . having trouble getting the picture to load. ( read original story ...)