2.1 Soundbar w 8.0″ wireless subwoofer and MAXBASS chip by Sound Appeal

CD Quality Wireless Streaming-WOW With the SA-TH5000 Sound bar you get amazing CD quality sound all while streaming wirelessly from your smartphone , tablet, etc.. This is due to the advanced Bluetooth technology chipset used in the SA-TH5000 Sound Bar. Finally true lossless audio quality without the wires. The 2.4GHz wireless subwoofer can be placed up to 50 feet away without loosing audio quality and pairs with no delay of the music source. Your ears won’t believe there are no wires. MAXX BASS Technology – “Your ears will deceive you .” The SA-TH5000 Sound bar with wireless subwoofer incorporates the MAXX BASS technology. This chips algorithm was finely tuned by Sound Appeal engineers to optimally match the sonic capabilities of

Sale Price:$279.00

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